A Fresh Start / True Friends

Winter quarter I decided that I needed a fresh start. It was an extremely difficult time in my life when I lost some friends that I was extremely close to but made a few new friends that helped me through. But the loss of those close friends hit me pretty hard. I was heartbroken. I've gone through so many lost friendships but also struggled to really make friends. I've had my share of friends but there have been very few that I've really been super close too. But these ones were special and they hurt as such. It became to hard for me to see anything that reminded me of these people and I realized that many people I was following on social media I wasn't even friends with. So in my process of trying to move on I had to cut off so many people. From everything; Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter. It was nothing against anyone, it was just something I had to do to protect myself. I had to get myself out of that constant cycle of falling back into the same emotions…

Time heals

We've all experienced disappointment and heartbreak at certain times in our lives. Some are more severe than others. Sometimes they cause the kind of pain that leaves a scar on our hearts. Sometimes they cause you to have to reevaluate your life and to give up on certain plans and dreams. Sometimes the pain and disappointment can feel unbearable.
But the thing about pain.. Time can heal. God can heal.
Facing your pain can be scary and uncomfortable because you know what to expect. You know it's going to hurt. The question is how long and how much hell will you have to go through before you finally feel whole again. That I can guarantee. I can guarantee that it will be hard. But one thing that people don't tell you is that you will have good days. Some days will feel normal and like nothing ever happened. Until you see, hear, or remember something about that person and then you are right back where you were. Or are you?
Take a look back at the days behind you. Look back at …